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Park am See, the social get together of all that is something and meaningful in musical German club-land. A concept which each year invites trending clubs, agencies and / or labels from Germany to host a stage right on the waterfront of a beautiful park called ‘the oeverlanden’. While the concept holds a bit more of a commercial  attitude it can only grow to as big as about 3000 people, due to its natural boundaries. Making it a very nice and intimate festival where you can easily run in to the same person multiple times, thus making the social experience one not hard to forget.



After many sketches for the new logo this was one of the two finalists, this one I came up with during my two week trip to Brazil, it’s not hard to see where the inspiration came from..





For the first event I made a very graphical interpretation of the name/sentence ‘Park am See’ which translates directly into ‘Park at a lake’.
Giving the public a vage incentive of what kind of event they were going to,  also because it was still a pretty vage concept with a bunch of different outcomes.

The work depicts streaming water with branches, obviously directly referencing the meaning of Park am See.




Park am See 2014


For the 2015 event I decided the Logo and visual style could be cleaned up and given a fresher look




Park am See 2015